Blogging Requirements

Ten times this semester, you must post responses to course readings here on our blog. As indicated on the course calendar, you are required to write two different kinds of response: analysis, in which you write critically about an issue raised by course readings; and comment, in which you respond to an existing analysis written by a classmate.

In 500 words, post an opinion about the reading due that day.  There are many ways to go about this, but you might begin with an interesting or provocative quotation from the work.  You could also attempt to answer one of the essential questions of the course, using the reading to support your thinking.  For full credit, you should use at least one link to an outside resource, such as an advocacy organization or a recent news article. Your audience consists of your classmates, who will be reading and responding to your analysis.

In 500 words, respond to an existing analysis post. Your purpose is to engage with the ideas presented by the post.  You might expand the main argument of the post by offering an additional supporting quotation, or you might counter the analysis with other textual evidence.  Linking to outside sources is not required for a comment, but you may wish to support your comment by doing so.  Single posts can garner multiple comments, so be sure your comment says something original rather than restating the original post or a comment.

Please title your blog posts as follows: Johnson, Analysis One.  You can add your own tags to each post, categorize your post according to the work we are reading,  and use an avatar to add a personal touch.  Analysis posts and comments are due by class time.   Early posters generally receive the most comments.



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